Xact Consulting has released our newest market leading Unit Test Tool for mainframe programs (IBM zOS and IBM i)

XaTester is by far the most advanced and flexible Unit test Tool on the market for performing automated Unit and Integration testing of mainframe (zOS) and IBMi (iSeries) applications written in languages such as COBOL, PL/I, EGL, RPG, Assembler and more.

We know you will get excited about XaTester, and with a Return of Investment within 3-5 month, don’t hesitate to contact us on how to get started.

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Press release

Xact releases unique unit test tool for mainframe programs (IBM zOS an IBM i) that enables automated testing and continuous integration – concepts that have been used on distributed platforms for decades.

Copenhagen, February 21, 2017. Today, Xact Consulting announced the release of their new market leading unit test tool XaTester.

XaTester is the most advanced and flexible unit test tool on the market for performing automated unit and integration testing of zOS (mainframe) and IBMi (iSeries) applications.

With XaTester you can test programs written in COBOL, PL/I, EGL, RPG and Assembler, and it provides advanced features such as: virtualization of subprograms, automated execution of tests through scheduling, integration with external build system, and generation of web based user interfaces for easy manual testing. You can even apply user interface-based test automation systems to drive the execution of your backend unit tests.

  • Using XaTester, test finally becomes an integrated part of the DevOps process.
  • Speed up test execution from day one. Automate the process.
  • Reduce labor effort and re-work through automation and tool support. Reduce the total cost of testing.
  • ROI within few months.

Structure the test process and increase overall quality. Increase quality in development, maintenance, and bug fixing. Quality measurable and visible to all users.

Easy to use
Writing tests in XaTester does not require coding skills. This means that developers, testers and business users can easily collaborate in making tests that covers many scenarios. One scenario can be a simple test with execution of one program with specified input data and expected output data. Another scenario can be a complex test that involves a variety of steps, such as retrieving data from DB2, initiating JCL jobs, executing several programs in a sequence and comparing datasets in the mainframe.

Browser and Eclipse client
XaTester comes with an Eclipse based client – a free version of Eclipse or as part of commercial tools such as IBM Developer for z or IBM Developer for i. XaTester also comes with a browser client, which makes it easy to get started writing, and executing, tests

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Integrate XaTester into your own build process, quality management systems, and reporting systems, through a rich Rest based API and achieve complete continuous integration. You can also use the build-in scheduling mechanism to schedule test executions based on a time interval. Results can automatically be published by sending emails to subscribers or it can be sent directly into your quality management system.

Better quality – lower cost
XaTester will be able to improve your DevOps dramatically, with enhanced quality, shorter turnaround time and lower costs as a result.

XaTester has a number of unique features and functions to improve the quality of the unit test, and help developers fulfill DevOps goals and accelerate the Shift Left process.

Unit test mainframe and IBM i….

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